Xerox iGen 3/4

The only FlexBind® products that can be “XEROX Certified” are labeled as EverFlat and sold through the Xerox Corporation.

EverFlat Image Solutions Paper has been developed with FlexBind® technology to provide consistent and reliable performance on Xerox Digital Color Presses.

For specific instructions on running Xerox EverFlat products, contact your local Xerox Supplies Representative.


General Printing Guidelines

  • The iGen 3 and iGen 4 require an opaque hinge, either white or black.  The clear hinge FlexBind® products are interpreted by the iGen sheet detectors as a paper missfeed.
  • Do not print into the gap.  Residual toner may redeposit on subsequent pages because of inadequate transfer into the recessed gap. 
  • Running the hinge in-board or out-board (in the print direction) may adversely effect fuser life or cause photoreceptor belt scratching.
  • When adjusting the image into place, use a plain sheet of paper cut to the same size as the FlexBind® sheet.  This will save on setup costs. 
  • Fan sheets when loading into the feed drawer.
  • UV coating can be used normally with FlexBind®.

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