FastBind has multiple binding techniques that can be effective for binding FlexBind® books.


The BooXter (Uno and Trio pictured) are side stapling devices for making tightly bound documents and photo books.  Together with the adhesive endsheets, the Booxter is one of the most simple solutions to manufacturing quality hard cover photo books.  Below is an exerp from the Fastbind website:

“Presenting Fastbind BooXTer Uno™ and Trio™ Fastbind BooXTer Uno™ and Trio™ are extremely versatile binding machines that use an innovative precision side-stapling method. Supporting a wide range of formats, these binding machines are ready to produce quality results at the flick of a switch.
Fastbind precision side-staple binding machines can be used as the main binding machine or as a pre-phase binding machine if your existing binding system is not producing quality results (weak binding and/or difficulties with positioning of paper block).

Fastbind BooXTer Uno™ and Trio™ handle photo paper and coated stock as easily as normal copy paper. The book block is placed in an up-right position, allowing gravity to help you ensure a perfectly squared block. Supplies can be stored in the built-in shelves at the back of the unit, keeping the overall footprint very, very small.”

The BooXter can also be used in conjunction with other binding techniques to improve the page security within the binding.  Some examples include perfect binding and Unibind. 

There is a limitation on the book thickness capability of the BooXter stapler which is determine by the paper density being used.  Softer, uncoated sheets have a much higher capacity for book thickness.   The attached chart shows the capabilities of the BooXter with various materials.  BooXter capability Analysis

There are 2 main recommendations for binding FlexBind® pages with the Fastbind BooXter:

1. Use the #8 staples provided by Fastbind rather than the #10.  The capacity significantly increases when using the shorter #8 staples.

2. Do NOT staple through the laminate from the FlexBind hinge.  The laminate is indented into the paper which makes that area of the spine even more dense than normal paper.  Imagine trying to staple rocks…  So keep the staples outside the laminated area.  Start with a 3/8″ spine (paper area not including the gap) and then reduce to fit your process.

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Elite Binder

The Fastbind line of perfect binders are compatible with FlexBind® and are particularly useful for making thicker books which cannot be side stapled with the BooXter.  There are a few recommendation based on a limited testing and trial period.

1. Back off the PGO (Paper Grain Opener).  The PGO spine roughening device can damage and spread the binding edge of the book block before applying the adhesive.

2. Cut the spine height to 1/4 to 1/8 inch.  (6 – 3 mm). 

3. For hard cover books, use the standard Fastbind folded endsheets and glue the book block directly to the cover spine. 

4. If making a soft cover book, use a heavy cover material ( >250 gsm) with heavy scores.

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