Side Sewing

Side sewing is one of the most common and reliable ways to make FlexBind® Books. Books up to 1/2 inch thick can be sewn to make reliable, archival bound books.  Thicker books can be side sewn with some modifications to equipment or binding process, typically by pre-punching or drilling the holes before sewing together.  General sewing recommendations are listed below:

  1. Use standard bookbinding thread. 
  2. Do not sew into the laminate.  The laminate is indented into the paper which makes that specific area as hard as a rock.  For best results, sew 1 mm away from the laminate
  3. Do not sew into the gap.  Each nick of the laminte gap is a starting point for the laminate to tear.  Similar to packing tape, it is extremely strong till a nick or tear is introduced, then it comes apart quite easily.  This point also relates to trimming.  It is extremely important to use a sharp knife so as to cleanly cut the film across the gap.
  4. Use of a heavier gauge needle can assist in sewing thicker books.  If needles consistently break, make sure that the sewing location is off the laminate.  Alternately, a different paper can be used. 
  5. Books too thick to side-sew should be considered for side-stitching.

There are several models and brands to choose from when binding FlexBind® pages with Side Sewing.

Common Book Sewing Machines on the Market