Xerox DocuColor 242/252/260


Image Adjustment

The image should be centered on the gap if printing cross page spreads. Otherwise, full bleed images can be printed through the gap entirely as necessary.

If the printer software does not allow for image imposition, then the FlexBind® sheet will need to be manually trimmed to facilitate moving the image into the right position. To move the image towards the hinge, center the image on the page and measure how far the image needs to move till it is properly located on the hinge. Cut twice that amount off the non-hinge side of the page. Keep the image centered and print again, it will have moved onto the hinge. (Example: If the image is 1 inch off the hinge, cut 2 inches off the non-hinge side.)

If the image is already printing too far over the hinge, do not trim the sheet. Rather, there are 2 options for correcting the print position. 1) Reduce the image size and keep it centered till it moves into the correct position. 2) Increase the printer margins till the image is printed appropriately on the hinge.

Printing Tips

  • FlexBind® sheets can be run with the hinge in any orientation. Ideally, in-board or out-board (in the print direction) is preferred.
  • Slight image deletions when printing in the gap are normal. When bound in a book, those deletions become less noticeable.
  • Depending on the limitation of the equipment, some heavier weight materials may not auto-duplex. Therefore, these products should be manually-duplex printed.
  • It is recommended that the bypass drawer is used for feeding.
  • If the printer jams repeatedly at the output tray of the 242/252/262, run the sheets in a manual duplex mode with the paper weight selector set on “Extra Heavy Weight”.
  • Fan sheets gently when loading into the feed drawer.
  • UV coating can be used normally with FlexBind®.

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