Canon C6000/C7000

Image Adjustment

The image should be centered on the gap if printing cross page spreads.  Otherwise, full bleed images can be printed through the gap entirely as necessary.

Refer to the Canon Website for more information on operation of the C6000, C7000 or C7010 ImagePress

Printing Tips

  • FlexBind® sheets can be run with the hinge in any orientation.  Ideally, in-board or out-board (in the print direction) is preferred.
  • Slight image deletions when printing in the gap are normal.  When bound in a book, those deletions become less noticeable.
  • Depending on the limitation of the equipment, some heavier weight materials may not auto-duplex.  Therefore, these products should be manually-duplex printed.
  • It is recommended that the bypass drawer is used for feeding.
  • If the printer jams repeatedly at the output tray of the 700, run the sheets in a manual duplex mode with the paper weight selector set on the maximum paper weight setting.
  • Fan sheets when loading into the feed drawer.
  • UV coating can be used normally with FlexBind®.

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