What is FlexBind®?

FlexBind® is a digital photo sheet or “page” product. It is not a binding system or print process. Available in different base stocks and sizes the sheets have an integrated, flexible hinge that allows even the heaviest weight sheets to lay completely flat when properly bound. The advantages include the ability to digitally image directly on the page and immediately bind the volume producing a very high quality “coffee-table” book.

How do I order a book printed on pages with FlexBind® technology?

There are several labs that can supply a book with FlexBind® technology.  A few are listed here:

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A&I book Creator


My Book Mix

Lustre Color

Digi Labs

Mpix Pro


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 What are the advantages of using FlexBind® pages?

  • FlexBind® digital pages transform printed material into incredibly high quality, professional bound volumes for wedding, sports, travel albums and other digital scrap-booking uses.
  • Printers and labs can easily enter new, expanding digital book and color markets.
  • Produce beautiful, value-added bound volumes with high quality, heavyweight archival pages that will become treasured keepsakes.




What paper, weights and sizes are available?

  • Medium (6 pt.) to heavyweight (14 pt), matte coated, high quality digital papers.
  • FlexBind® sheets are available in various sizes to produce common book sizes.
  • The grain direction is parallel to the hinge and binding direction




What types of digital presses are compatible with FlexBind® photo sheets?

FlexBind® sheets have been tested on the major digital production presses. Contact Us to receive more information.

Can I print on both sides of the sheet?

Yes, sheets can be imaged on both sides and on top of the FlexBind® hinge to produce a full spread with minimal image loss in the gutter.

Can FlexBind® sheets be laminated, UV coated or glossed?

Yes, laminate, UV coat or gloss as you would plain paper.




What types of binding can I use?

See the details in our Binding Guide Summary (PDF).


Other Questions


How should it be stored and handled?

See the FlexBind® Storage and Handling (PDF)

Can you help me find an experienced FlexBind® print provider?

Go to our Contact page and indicate your question and contact information and we will get you a response.

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