Xerox 800/1000 Digital Color Press

Image Adjustment

The image should be centered on the gap if printing cross page spreads. Otherwise, full bleed images can be printed through the gap entirely as necessary.

If the printer software does not allow for image imposition, then the image position can be manipulated on press.

Printing Tips

  • FlexBind® sheets can be run with the hinge in any orientation. Ideally, out-board with the FlexBind hinge on the operator side of the press, is preferred.
  • Slight image deletions when printing in the gap are normal. When bound in a book, those deletions become less noticeable.
  • Printing with the clear toner will improve the toner transfer into the recessed gap.
  • Run any FlexBind® product with an opaque hinge (black or white) at the proper GSM setting.
  • Fan sheets gently when loading into the feed drawer.
  • UV coating can be used normally with FlexBind®.

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